Why ECB/FPO Geomembrane ?

Manifacturer , Schedetal Folien GmbH - Germany , 1908

No toxic gas release during welding process. Eco Friendly Material.

%100 Compatible with LEED Criteria.

Fully Homogenous Material Structure, Contains No Layers.

Resistant to All Kind of Weather Conditions and Permanent UV ray Effects.

No PVC, Plasticesers,Softeners or Any Filler Materials Inside.

High Resistant to Ageing.

Compatible with Bitümen, XPS, EPS ,PUR, PIF , Resistant to Various Chemicals.

Resistant to All Kinds of Soil and Root Effects. FLL Certificated Material.

Material Tested Against DIN / EN Norms. , CE Certificated Material.

International Product Warranty Starting from 10 Years.

Application Possibility With Single-Sided Wall Formwork Systems.

Double Welded Seam Application with Pressure Air Test and Visiul Test Possibility. All Applications Can Be Inspected with Site QA/QC Procedures.

Cost Effective and Performance Pile Head and Pipe Penetration Solutions.

Manifacturing Experiance Since 1970 with a referance of 50.000.000 m2 Applicated Referance.